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Cuisine is culture

As Louis Pasteur said “We are what we eat”. The food we eat becomes a part of us and our culture, as much as reading a play or hearing a symphony. “Eating” means sharing the culture and tradition that lies behind the taste of each dish.

Norcinus’s products are everything in which are included history, tradition, authenticity and the simple and honest goodness of an age-old art of gastronomy, we propose and use only the best products, originated from cultivations and productions that are led by long-standing traditions.

Eating a masterpiece

“3000 years of tradition”

Sometimes in order to create a masterpiece all it takes is the humility to respect the natural excellence of food, united to the teaching of centuries of traditions with the courage of daring innovative combinations, without ever forgetting who we are and where we come from.


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Italian experience, Italian emotion, health food

Eating good to feel good, Norcinus’s principles are as easy as powerful, every single one of our products encompasses all the emotion of living a real Italian experience, where every flavour and perfume contains all the knowledge of centuries-old traditions. Healthy and natural food, without any chemical additive, nature and respect are our fundamental principles.

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