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A successful collaboration

Norcinus products are present on the most important marketplace on the planet, all products compatible with Amazon's sales method will soon be available, for those already present we are proud to have achieved the coveted classification of:

Amazon ranked us among the best European food companies, presented by Amazon Academy at the event:

Helping sellers use the European Single Market to succeed

Bruxelles 2023
Norcinus innovation

Creating a marriage between tradition and innovation in a country strongly conditioned by gastronomic quality like Italy is not easy, the standards to be respected are very high and creating a "new" form of presentation to the consumer has not been easy.

In breaking down the finished products we have limited the number of ingredients as much as possible trying to stabilize them against all types of organoleptic decay, this has allowed us to supply very few long-life ingredients to easily and quickly create meals of the highest gastronomic level. A few simple instructions ensure that everyone is able to make a healthy and tasty Gourmet meal.
High Quality at the best price.

All Norcinus products are made according to extremely strict specifications, whether they are produced directly by Norcinus or selected and distributed. The raw materials are carefully selected and very often come from small and artisanal productions where the hand of man still has a fundamental importance.

The collaboration with Amazon has imposed changes to both production and packaging, logistics plays a fundamental role and it is for this reason that our products are almost all available in Amazon Prime. As you can imagine the costs of this service are not low, Norcinus tries to absorb them directly as much as possible.

Because quality is our best advertisement

Quality is our main marketing strategy, no tricks, no deceit, the scents and flavors of our products are the simple result of a process that respects raw materials and the work of expert and skilled hands.

The taste of ancient Italy

Italy is a land of ancient culinary traditions, the Romans and even earlier the Etruscans are among the many who have indelibly shaped our current food culture, the so-called "eating well"

The Norcinus project was born from the most ancient food traditions of the peninsula, a cuisine with a millenary experience revived today with sophisticated yet simple menus that treasure thousands of years of gastronomic culture.

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